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When the vehicle speed is 30-200 km / h range, adaptive cruise control system can automatically control vehicle distance, using a radar sensor to measure the distance between the front of the car, using automatic braking and acceleration operation to control the speed, In the system settings to ensure that the distance. ACC adaptive cruise control system not only improves active safety, more effective in reducing driver fatigue driving long distances, increasing the driver's comfort. 

 Compatible cars : 

Audi A4 09-13 model year versions of all models

Audi A5 09-13 model year versions of all models

Audi A6 12-13 model year versions of all models

Audi A7 12-13 model year versions of all models

Audi A8 12-13 model year versions of all models

 1.A4 / A5 :Full set of accessories includes an ACC radar probe holder an ACC radar fog lights frame a harness with a screw rod of a high gateway an active cruise control with distance cruising handle a high with a gossamer

2. A6 /A7 / A8 :Full set of accessories for the ACC probe 2 radar bracket 2 ACC fog lights frame 2 harness set screw rod with two sets of high gateway with an active cruise control cruise handle a high from the spring with a start and stop with the support of ACC ABS pump .

Even in heavy traffic roads and high-density transit route can also enable an adaptive cruise control system functions. The system by means of a special distance in front of the radar sensor and for controlling the speed between the car and to ensure that the running speed does not exceed the set value. In addition, adaptive cruise control system can automatically maintain a constant distance from the front of the moving car.If the driver intervention to achieve sufficient braking, the system can automatically send a signal. The driver can make the distance between the four program options, adjust the dynamic characteristics of the system to suit individual choice: The program includes the distance a (sport mode) from 2 and 3 (standard mode) and distance 4 (comfort mode) . However, even if the adaptive cruise control system is enabled, the driver still needs to monitor the speed and distance between the vehicle in front.Adaptive cruise control system does not react to stationary targets or near the car. 





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