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Panoramic parking parking assist system consists of four ultra-wide-angle fish-eye cameras mounted on the front and rear of the vehicle body, while collecting images of the vehicle around, after the image processing unit distortion reduction → perspective conversion → image splicing → image enhancement, the final form a a seamless 360-degree panoramic top view of the vehicle. While displaying the panorama, it is also possible to display a single view on either side and accurately align the position and distance of the obstacle with the scale line.

                                                    Panoramic image parking assistance system also known as "360-degree panoramic visual parking system" is in the parking process, through the vehicle display screen to see around the camera image to help drivers understand the vehicle around the blind spot , so parking is more intuitive and convenient. With the rapid development of image and computer vision technology, more and more technologies are applied to the field of automotive electronics. The traditional image-based reverse imaging system only installs the camera at the rear of the vehicle and covers only a limited area around the rear of the vehicle, blind spots around the vehicle and the front of the vehicle undoubtedly increase the risk of safe driving and are prone to collision and scraping events in narrowly congested urban areas and parking lots. In order to expand the driver's field of vision, it is necessary to be able to perceive a 360 ° environment in all directions. This requires the cooperation of multiple visual sensors and then forms a complete set of video images around the entire vehicle through video composition processing demand, panoramic vision parking assistance system came into being.

                                    This product is equipped with 32gb usb storage, can record the whole journey, optional sony high-end series car camera chip, better night vision effect, the minimum illumination to 0.01lux true performance index.

Kit include :

[2x] VAG-TECH HD Night Vision Fish-Eye Camera for External Mirror

[1x] VAG-TECH HD Night Vision Rear View Camera

[1x] VAG-TECH HD Night Vision Front View Camera

[1x] VAG-TECH 360 View Control Module


*Professional Installation Required  / For VW Skoda Cars Need Buy Addition CAN BUS Control Module for Switching Video / One Year Warranty for Manufacturing Defects


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