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Retrofit Apple Carplay and Android Auto for Mercedes Benz Cars. ...
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Retrofit Apple Carplay and Android Auto for Porsche Cars.

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VAGTUNE Have Specialised Team for Repair VW 7 Speed DSG 


VW Modified Rear parking Sensor Kit for All Cars without OPS Display

Retrofit Adaptive Cruise Control and City Braking on PQ46 and MQB Cars

Retrofit Adaptive Cruise Control and City Braking on PQ46 and MQB Cars

                                                           Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) Is An Intelligent Form Of Cruise Control That Slows Down And Speeds Up Automatically To Keep Pace With The Car In Front Of You. The Driver Sets The Maximum Speed Through Adaptive Cruise Control Stalk .Then A Radar Sensor Watches For Traffic Ahead . Locks On To The Car In a Lane and Instructs The Car To Stay Seconds Behind The Person Car Ahead Of It .

                                                              ACC Is Now Almost Always Paired With A Pre-crash System That Alerts You And Often Begins Braking. ACC Is Ideal For Stop-and-go Traffic And Rush Hour Commuting That Swings From 60 Mph To A Standstill.  Adaptive Cruise Control Radar Illustration Adaptive Cruise Control Is Also Called Active Cruise Control | Autonomous Cruise Control | Intelligent Cruise Control Or Radar Cruise Control.

                                                 This Is The Case Because Distance Is Measured By A Small Radar Unit Behind The Front Grille Or Under The Bumper. . ACC Works Day And Night . But Its Abilities Are Hampered By Heavy Rain | Fog Or Snow.

ACC Is A Crucial Part Of The Self-driving Cars Of The Near Future. On An Autonomous Driving Car. ACC Needs To Track The Car In Front But Also Cars In Adjacent Lens In Case A Lane Change Becomes Necessary .

If You Want To Start Using Adaptive Cruise Control For Yourself. Here Is What You Will Need To Do:

1.Locate The Cruise Control Buttons On The Left Side Of Your Steering Wheel.

2.Press The On/off Button, Which Looks Like A Speedometer With “off” Next To It. Notice That The Cruise Control Screen Pops Up In Your Instrument Cluster.

3.To Set Your Current Speed, Simply Press “set.” To Set A Distance Between You And Vehicles In Front Of You.

                       Turn On The Adaptive Cruise Control Feature By Pressing The Appropriate Button On The Steering Wheel, Which Is Between The + And – Button And Looks Like A Car With Lines Trailing Behind It. When You Initially Activate The System, It Will Automatically Select The Shortest Distance. To Change This, Simply Continue Pressing The Adaptive Cruise Control Button Mentioned In Step 5. When You Do So, Notice That More Of The Lines Behind The Vehicle Displayed In Your Instrument Cluster Become Illuminated To Indicate This.

Compatible Cars:

VW Passat B7 | B8 | Tiguan MQB

Skoda Octavia 5E | Kodiaq

Audi A3 | A4 | A6 | Q5 |Q7  MQB Platforms

Retrofit ACC is Require Highly Skilled Professional | Online Firmware Update | Feature Activation | Cluster and Gateway Replace Etc...| For Retrofit Please Write to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




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