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Upgrade from Manual Climate Control To Automatic Climatronic System  

Upgrade From Manual Climate Control To Automatic Climatronic System   

Project Scope : 

 Upgrade From Normal Manual Air Control To Fully Automated Air Control System With Air Quality Sensor .  

Compatible Cars ( All PQ35 And MQB  VW Skoda Cars Are Compatible to This Upgrade Eg: Skoda Laura | Octavia | Superb | Yeti | VW Jetta | Golf | Passat Etc... 

                                                   Climatronic Is a Fully Automatic Climate Control-system. The Temperature Of The Interior Air Supply, Fresh Air Blower Speeds And Passenger Compartment Air Distribution Are Regulated Automatically. The System Features Fully Digital Electronic Circuitry And On Board Diagnostic(OBD) Capability.

                                                                                In Addition To Fully Automatic Function, Air Distribution Settings And Fresh Air Blower Speed Scan Be Selected Manually To Suit Individual Needs.the Climatronic Control Module Is The heart Of The System. It Receives Input Information From The A/C Control Head  And Various Electronic Components (Sensors And Switches).This Information Is Processed By The Control Module In Accordance With Specified Values And Provides Corresponding Output Signals That Control Electrical Components (Actuators). The System Controls Interior Air Temperature And Distribution. The System Continually Samples And Compares The Selected Interior Air Temperature. 

                                          With The Actual Air Temperature Measured By The System. Blower Speeds, Air Temperature And Distribution Are Then Adjusted And Regulated Accordingly.The A/C Control Head Contains All Controls And Relevant Displays Needed To Operate The Climatronic System. The System's Functional Status (Mode Selection, Temperature And Air Distribution) Is Displayed In A LCD. All Automatic Or Manual Function Selections Are input Into The A/C Control Head Via Buttons Located Below The Display.When Auto Mode Is Selected, Fresh Air Blower Speed And Air Distribution Signals Are Provided By The A/C Control Head .

                                        The Fresh Air Blower Speed Is High When There Is A Large Difference Between The Selected Temperature And The Actual Interior Temperature, And Low When The Differences Small Or The Same.The Interior Temperature Setting, Operation Modes, Approximate Outside Temperature And Blower Speed Are Indicated On The A/C Control Head Display At All Times. The Defrost, Vent And Foot well Air Distribution Symbols Only Appear In the Display When Air Distribution Is Selected Manually (Auto Function Override). During Manual Air Distribution, The "Auto" Display Remains Off Until Such Time The "Auto" Button Is Pressed.The System Can Be Switched Off Completely By Pressing The Front Passenger "Decrease Fan Speed" Button Until "Off" Appears In The Display.

Difference Between Manual Air Control And Automatic Air Control 

1.Air Volume Control :  

              In Manual System Air Volume Controlled By Manually . But In Same Time Automatic System Air Volume Controlled Automatically Based In Different Sensor Output And Pre-set Volume / Temperature Control . 

 2.Air Quality Control: 

                               Fully Automatic Air Control System Moniter The Outside And Inside Air Quality And Make Always Good Quality Air Inside The Car Cabin. 

 3.Communication Protocol : 

                  Compare To Manual Air Control Automatic Air Control Read Different System Inputs And Display Different Parameters In Compatible Head-units. 

 4.Display Panel : 

               Automatic Air Control System Have Separate Display For Temperature And Notification Lights For Working Mode Available.  

 5.seat Heating: 

                    Optional Seating Heating Feature Also Available With This Retrofit Plan .

  Working Duration 3 Hours | All Genuine Parts Using This Retrofit | Special Made Plug And Play Adapter Using.

 Skilled Professionals Required For Installation And Coding | Programming | Firmware Update Required In Based On Car Specification . One Year Warranty Available On This Retrofits









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